About us


Dear Fellow Hunter, our season it’s about to start, this will be our 25th year in the hunting business, and still going full steam. We keep growing, but never to the point that we cannot take personal care of you,  that is our motto, “keep it familiar”. For us, you are our new hunting friend, and we will make our most to provide you with the best hunting trip of your life.

We have been scouting our hunting areas since august, making sure that everything its in order, we keep our trusted grounds, and already added some more, always looking for new challenges, like our area for free range Iberian mouflon (absolutely fantastic).

Also, this year, we will like to make the trip even more interesting for the observer, so my wife Agueda  will guide you to the best shopping,  sightseeing and eating out,  so we encourage you to bring your relatives along (time to make some points on the family side..) they will love it, so you.

Thanks for keep trusting us for your new hunting trip to our great Country, we are  the “Best Value Hunts in Spain”, period.

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